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Training to rise up the ranks is not an easy task, and competition is fierce. Ensuring time is being used as effectively and efficiently as possible, is the difference between accelerating forward and staying stagnant. 

So much goes into succeeding as a dancer; technical improvement, athletic  development, mental preparation; that overwhelm and overtraining  are all too common an occurence. 

The key is to train body and brain in unison, master intentional movement, and  build the foundational movement patterns that lead to accelerated progression.

With a focus on physical and mental mastery, workshops utilising the Development Matrix for Irish Dance  aim to help cultivate dancers that understand how to create the changes they are striving for.

Delve into the Development Matrix, and discover how to optimise every element of performance.

  • Technical Patterning
  • Skill Efficiency and Progression
  • Athletic Development and Physical Conditioning
  • Injury Prevention
  • Nutrition Guidance
  • Mindset and Performance Coaching

Custom Group Classes

There is so much that can be covered, every workshop is tailored to specific needs and priorities.

Depending on pivotal challenges being faced, or the most urgent problem to be tackled; will dictate how time is spent and what elements of the Matrix are mastered.

Focus can be placed on physical conditioning aspects such as Strength and Power Development, Flexibility, Lactate Conditioning and Stamina; or simply just maximally efficient Warm Up, Recovery, and Injury Prevention Protocols.

From a dancing perspective; delving into how dancers are thinking; the thoughts behind the outcomes they are trying to achieve, as well as the physical breakdown of how to manouvre their bodies in the ideal way to excel both athletically and technically.

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Private Sessions

There's no denying that spending time one on one is the fastest route to seeing results..

The key to overcoming individual challenges, is understanding how to communicate thoughts into actions, and pinpointing physical limitations preventing progression.

Working privately enables solutions to individual challenges to be found, remedies prescribed, and mental cues to be generated to instigate high impact change.

While the fundamentals remain the same across the board, perception and communication of them differs from person to person. Through spending time where focus is purely on the individual, massive leaps can be made in a very short amount of time.

Online Coaching

The path to success is one of intentional action and consistency.

By working through videos, coaching calls and virtual communication; you can recieve the benefits of coaching tailored to your needs.

Programming, feedback, and ongoing strategy and guidance  will keep you on the fastest track to achieving your goals. 

Availability is limited, however package options vary, and sometimes a little direction is all that is needed to take you a long way!

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