Unlock Your Splits!

Discover your limitations and find your flexibility fix 🙌

Irish Dancers need to be flexible; to both optimise performance AND avoid injury. The techniques specific to our style, require our body to work counter-intuitively a lot of the time… Meaning the movements we make require our muscles to both contract and lengthen at the same time.


Everything we do is in front of our body… So the flexibility in the opposite directions become tight, resulting in all sorts of things we don’t want to happen!

These things combined make it more difficult to progress our flexibility, and also put us in a state of imbalance; which makes us susceptible to injury and problems down the line.

During this series I’ll be showing you 5 different methods of flexibility training, to help you move past plateaus and achieve those all important splits… As a result everything in your dancing will become easier!

    Assessment & Tension Release

    - Understand the different types of splits, and how they relate to dancing

    Find out what muscle groups are most likely to be holding you back through a series of self assessments

    - Work through some tension release to see how much tension in your fascia is restricting your range of motion!

    Training Videos
    (Click the title to view implementation guidelines; recommended to foam roll / trigger point before stretching!)

    Splits Advanced Flexibility #1

    This style of stretching involves putting a muscle in a…

    Splits Advanced Flexibility #2

    This method of flexibility training uses neuro-muscular responses to enable…

    Splits Advanced Flexibility #3

    The last instalment of the Splits Training Series! Here I…