Splits Advanced Flexibility #3

The last instalment of the Splits Training Series!

Here I show you how to use Reciprocal Inhibition to further your flexibility gains… By activating and strengthening through opposing muscles groups, and demonstrating to our brain that our lengthened muscles are being held stable by their partners at that end range, we’re able to hold on to improvements in range.

As with the other advanced methods, don’t train the same muscle groups on consecutive days, make sure you’re nice and warm, and don’t do intense / dynamic activity straight after!

For each pair of exercises:

#1: Perform 10 reps into 10 second hold

#2: 3 reps of 5 – 10 second contraction into range increase 

  • Low Lunge Rear Leg Lift Off's + Hold
  • Dropped Lunge Hip Flexor Stretch Contractions (Glutes pulling knee BACK)
  • Quadruped Abductions + Hold
  • Half Middle Split Contractions (Glutes pulling leg UP / OUT)
  • Hurdle Leg Lifts + Hold
  • Lying Hamstring Bent & Straight Knee Contractions (Towards head, using hand for resistance)