Splits Advanced Flexibility #1

This style of stretching involves putting a muscle in a lengthened position, and performing a movement requiring it to further stretch in another direction; thus, when returning to the original position, the range it just demonstrated can be used to move further in that direction!

Keep the movements quick and pain free… Being sure not to push your body too much before you’re used to the style of training.

To progress these movements, you can increase the number of trigger movements you do, along with the number of sets you carry out; rest 1 – 2 days between repeating to give your body time to recover and adapt!

  • Mermaid Move Outs
  • Dropped Pigeon Hip Rotation
  • Hurdle Internal Rotation & Drop
  • Hurdle Toe Pulls
  • Kneeling Quad Foot Pulls
  • Long Lunge Rear Leg Rotations
  • Wide Lunge Hip Shifts
  • Split Rocks