Split Squat Test for Hip Control

Here we get an insight as to whether or not your hip muscles are doing their job and keeping you stable during controlled movement. If there are compensations here, you won’t be getting maximum benefit or developing the correct patterns when it comes to more demanding exercises!

  • What You'll Need:
  • ~ Phone set up for recording
  • ~ A dowel / broom handle / some kind of pole
  • ~ A pen (or alternative) to mark your stride length on said pole!


~ Placing some kind of rod / stick / pole on the floor to the side of your leg, make a mark at the same point of the bid bone on the side of your leg.

~ Lay rod on ground (top end forward / maked end back) and place back foot on same side with toes on mark; front foot on opposite side with toes in line with the end.

~ Once in position, pick rod off floor, and hold against spine (with a a bit sticking up overhead so you can see it's movements!)

~ Perform split squat - around 6 reps each side - and notice any compensations.

~ It's useful to film yourself from a front, side and back view!

~ Watch back recording and mark down your findings using the checklist below.