Preventing Injuries as an Irish Dancer

The reason behind ALL injuries, and the easy steps you can take to combat them! If you want to understand the how’s and why’s behind ‘Prehab’ work as Irish Dancers, I explain it all here…

I also take you through the main culprit areas, along with how to counteract those demands and avoid setbacks!

    So I am going to fullly admit to the fact I broke my promise to myself and got a little carried away with the educational side of things during this masterclass 🙈

    BUT! I will be following up with a couple of implementable videos that will tie together everything I talked about.

    The reason I get so in depth with explaining things (I do so in simple / logical ways, not sciencey terms by the way!) is because if you understand the 'why's' behind the 'what's', then you are far better able to then work out what's going on in your body, and what actions you should be taking... You'll be able to feel imbalance start to occur, and actually prevent them materialising into full on pains or injury!

    Remember it's all about being intentional; and doing a bunch of stuff without being sure what purpose it's serving is not intentional. So if you take a little time to comprehend the reasoning behind things, everything falls into place so much faster!

    I've popped some reference points below for important topics anyhow, and shall record follow up videos this week :)

    Prehab Protocol (General Full Body!)