Plyometrics Phase Five: Force Absorption & Production

More than ever, quality of repetitions is key here! Really focus on trying to change direction as quickly as you can (without cutting the movement short!) and producing the same amount of force as you would from a static position. This is really demanding on the nervous system... So try and train when your body is 'fresh', and make sure you take those rest days 🙏 If you feel yourself starting to slow down before you've completed all your reps, FINISH THE SET THERE... Carrying on with imperfect / inefficient execution will just hinder your progress!

*Once you are able to maintain steady landing with glute and core activation, move on to the progression variation!*

Rotational Drop to Rotational Jump  

Depth Drop to Vertical Jump

Depth Drop to Forward Box Jump

Lateral Drop to Lateral Jump  (Opposite Side Landing)


Single Leg Drop to Vertical Jump

Single Leg Drop to Box Jump

Lateral Drop to Lateral Jump  (Same Side Landing)