Optimise Your Warm Up!

Utilising your preparatory work has SO MANY BENEFITS… Not only can it help progress you towards your goals, help improve technique and athleticism & prevent injury; it’s also a huge component in preparing your body and brain come competition day. Avoid common warm up mistakes, and learn how to curate your perfect preparation routine!

    Ok, so I'll be honest here! I feel like this masterclass was a lot more theoretical / explanatory than I intended 🙈

    If learning about how to apply and implement the different components is in your realm of interest, this will for sure help and you'll hopefully gain a good understanding... But if you want more of a 'do exactly this for your warm up', I don't spend a whole lot of time on the actual exercises!

    Below however, I've filmed an example warm up that could be used for compeitition day / practice! It's heavily focused on the 'kicking your nervoud dydtem into gear' side of things, so if wanted to tailor it more towards technique, add in exercises after the first section 😊 any questions please do reach out!

    Fran x

    (Also remember, if you're subscribed to VIP there are some technique specific warm ups in the 'Warm Up' section!)

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    Masterclass Recording


    Competition Day / Practice Warm Up

    This is an example of a full warm up which would prep & prime for optimal performance! Obviously everyone has different fitness levels / is at different stages with their athletic ability, so some bits may need making easier / less 'intense', but it's something to work off and build your ideal warm up from 😊