Oireachtas Prep ’22

[FOLLOW ALONG TRAINING SESSIONS] Gear up for prime condition in time for Oireachtas Season!

This programme will have a focus on Fundamental Strength, Power Production & Stamina!

    Session #1

    Starting out Oireachtas Season Prep with some essential strength work!

    Session #2

    Building strength with a lateral focus to help enhance technique as well as stability.

    Session #3

    Progressing glute and core work; finding your level for single leg squats!

    Session #4

    Last session here focusing on activation & strength; a lot of quadruped work here as well to get some endurance in those postural muscles!

    Session #5

    Starting out on lactate tolerance and building core & glute strength endurance.

    Session #6

    Building lactate tolerance with a smidge of increased power!

    Session #7

    Adding a bit more power and spring for some power endurance!

    Session #8

    Adding more intensity to power & lactate endurance, and building on strength.

    Session #9

    Increasing demand for power endurance & spring off the floor when fatigued, & progressing strength work 💪

    Session #10

    Building on stamina, lactate tolerance in quads, and maintaining stability throughout!

    Session #11

    Thinking more about maintaining speed when legs start to feel slow, with interspersed bouts of power and spring!

    Session #12

    Adding a little cardio intensity to our stamina circuit, and hip flexor strength endurance 💪

    Session #13

    Building on the stamina circuit, and increasing demand for hip strength and stability!

    Session #14

    Building into single leg work for our lactate tolerance and power endurance 🙌

    Session #15

    Increasing single leg demand, and keeping up the strength endurance for stability!

    Session #16

    Change of format to help not over-do things if classes are getting a little more intense! Focusing on Power Endurance 💪

    Session #17

    Taking a bit of demand off the nervous system, but keeping up with the power production, cardio endurance & Active Recovery!

    Session #18

    Focus on power production and speed, without too much lactate demand! Can alter method of implementation depending on how your body feels 😊