Leg Lower Test for Lower Core Strength

This assessment tests your ability to maintain core activation as the load on it increases… It should be able to support your frame against the weight of your legs!


    ~ Lie flat on back and start by bringing knees up to 90 degrees.

    ~ Place finger tips above hip bones and establish engagement by drawing your core up through your centre and flattening your spine.

    ~ Slowly lower one leg down; be aware of any sudden movements on the non-moving side, and notice whether your spine stays flat to floor!

    ~ Repeat on the other side, looking for symmetry between right and left.

    ~ If your back remains flat / core stays engaged, progress to lowering both legs down with knees straight.

    ~ Be conscious of movement in your back, and look to see whether your stomach muscles stay flat or 'dome' up as your legs lower.

    ~ Any movement or doming indicates lack of strength!