Get Your Pistol Squat!

Being able to perform Pistol Squats is a great indication of how strong and mobile your body is. The ankle mobility and stability required is often a huge weak point, lack of which is one of the main causes of injury.

A good amount of hip internal rotation is also needed, which again, is very often a factor in pain and hip problems among dancers!

On top of that; the balance, strength and control involved in pistol squats, demonstrates a level of strength Irish Dancers NEED to possess if they want to be performing optimally.

If you’re asking your body to continually propel itself off the floor, and withstand the impact of bodyweight plus gravity when landing… You must have the strength present to tolerate it!

    Assessment & Implementation

    Watch the following video to find out where your limitations lie, and what you need to focus on to achieve your pistol squat...

    Then use the guide below to determine your plan of action!

    It's a good idea to do mobility work, activation & strength work combined; but if you don't have a lot of time then you can prioritise action according to what will have the most impact.