Core Essentials: Phase One (Weeks 1 - 3)

In this first phase we focus on feeling comfortable with engaging your core in different positions, and developing control throughout movement. Before you get stuck into the programme, be sure to go through the 'How To Engage Your Core' video to make sure you're activating properly!

*Before You Start*

Watch the following video, and make sure you understand how to activate properly... Remember throughout the programme to be consciously aware of your breathing, and not to 'brace'!

Knee Press:  (10 x 10 second press  |  1 set)

Single Leg Slides:  (10 reps each leg  |  3 sets)

Kneeling Hip Extension:  (10 reps each leg  |  3 sets)

Glute Bridges:  (10 x 10 second hold  |  1 set)

Ab-Adduction Press: (10 x 10 second press  |  1 - 2 sets)

Single Leg Lowers: (10 reps each leg  |  3 sets)

Bent Knee Fall Out:  (10 reps each leg  |  3 sets)

Skydiver Holds:  (10 x 10 second hold  |  1 set)