Clarity & Strategy: Goal Setting How To ✍️

Work through defining your main goal, making it resonate, pinpointing the progress steps necessary to get there, and creating a plan that you’ll actually stick to!

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    Clarity & Strategy Worksheets

    Step 1: Create A Goal That Excites You!

    Your Big What & WHY

    1.   First of course, you have to set that main goal you're working towards... The key here though, is to make it something that is determined by your actions! For example; results for sure contribute to your feel good factor at the end of a competiiton day.. But somebody else's opinion can not be the defining factor of whether or not you succeeded in what you set out to do.

    It also needs to be something you really connect with; something that's important to you for bigger reasons than 'just because'! When you think of this goal, you want to feel inspired to take action 🙌

    Also notice the starting phrase ' I WILL' ... This makes a difference! Using the words 'I want' or 'I hope' leaves room for doubt or backing out... Make your goal a statement! A declaration of what you ARE going to achieve.

    2.   Next, set a deadline! When will you have achieved this goal / what date are you working towards? 

    3.   Finally... What are you going to do to REMIND yourself of what it is you're committing to? The more 'in your face' it is; the more presence it has in your mind; the more likely you are to stick to it!

    Step 2: Break Your Goal Down Into Actionable Steps

    Small changes add up to big results!

    So you know what you're setting out to achieve, when you want to do it by, and why it's important to you that you do... So now let's figure out how to get you there!

    Remember the aim here is to create a plan you're going to stick to - so it's really important you have complete clarity around your 'HOW'. 

    Big goals can often feel unattainable when just thinking about the big picture, and it's when tasks become daunting or seem like too much effort that procrastination tends to set in 👀

    So! What smaller goals can you set along the way, that will move you closer to that end objective? Pick your top 3 priorities, give yourself a way of tracking / measuring your progress, and set out a timeline to take you from where you are now, to where you want to be!

    It's also a good idea to give yourself an incentive to stay consistent... Reward yourself! This can be anything from the pride and satisfaction of following through (if that's enough!) to treating yourself with an afternoon off, or 'fun' outing.

    Step 3: Create A Plan For Each Progress Goal

    Clarity is key!

    One of the biggest reasons we fall off track or lose consistency, is simply because we aren't 100% clear on what to do at that moment in time.

    The purpose of this step is to create complete clarity around WHAT you are going to do... The precise actions you are going to take!

    If in doubt - just keep asking yourself 'how?' until there's not really another level you can break down!

    If your goal is to improve your turnout for example, your first 'how' could be to improve your flexibility and strength in necessary areas... So the next question is, what are the exercises you are going to do to achieve that? 

     You then need to create room for it in your schedule... Decide when / where / how long you'll spend; pre-decide as many factors as possible, so when the time comes to take action, you don't have any decisions to make!

    Lastly - make a way of holding yourself accountable. That could be doing it at the same time as a friend, checking in with someone after you do it, anything that will help you feel a sense of 'I have to do this now' rather than delaying it or putting it off altogether . 

    Step 4: Contingency

    Navigating potential diversions along the way!

    It's a fact of life, that even the best laid plans can go awry...

    Your day may not go as planned, you may have other things that need your attention... So it's a powerful part of planning to pre-empt those things that may cause disruptions, and decide how you're going to respond in such a scenario!

    Think about challenges in the past that have caused you to fall off track with your goals, and think about what you could have done to not let yourself veer completely off course.

    Be cautious here to differentiate between legitimate reasons behind not being able to do things as planned, and things that are really just an excuse 😬

    Sometimes OF COURSE there are factors out of our control, so in these circumstances, it's important not to give up completely! Don't punish yourself, or think all hope is lost... Either re-schedule, or simply pick back up again where you left off!

    Step 5: Turn Your Plan into Action!

    Scheduling For Maximum Productivity & Focus

    Once you have your goals defined, priorities set, and methods planned out... You now need to make sure you get it done 🙌

    Many people have journals / planners etc to map out their time, but below I've popped a couple of templates you can use if you don't already have anything in place! 

    Creating something visual can really help keep you on track, and designating days and times for tasks gives you that reassurance everything will get done (providing you stick to it of course).

    Try tracking healthy habits, planning your days the night before, and spending a little time in reflection of an evening to process how each day goes!