Balance Test for Static Hip Stability

This is a great little assessment to see whether your Glutes are working as they should be to stabilise your body, if smaller muscles groups are working too hard to compensate for lack of hip activation, and if you’re equally balanced on each side of your body!

  • What You'll Need:
  • ~ Phone set up for recording and analysing


~ Stand with feet fairly narrow, toes pointing forwards.

~ Hands on hips around waistband / hip height.

~ Lift one foot off the ground so all your weight is on a single side.

~ See how long you can hold it, and notice where you 'feel' it... Are your toes scrunching / gripping on the floor? Does your ankle wobble? Is your upper body swaying or leaning forwards / back? Do you feel it in your bum, or more in your thigh / side of hip?

~ Perform test 3 times on each side to get an average, and see if you're similarly good on right and left! 

~ Watch back recording and look for any compensations; mark down your findings using the checklist below.