Anterior Pelvic Tilt Self Assessment

This tutorial will take you through how to find out if you have an Anterior Pelvic Tilt (ATP)… Along with determine the contributing factors, and evaluate what you need to focus on to fix it!

    Assessment #1


    ~ Find a table to lie on, that fits your body length from knees to head and has enough height for your feet 'dangle'!

    ~ Fold up a small towel lengthways, hold onto either end and lie down with it situated underneath low back.

    ~ Pull knees up to chest; keep right side pulled in, and hold onto the left side of the towel with your left hand.

    ~ Lower the left leg down off the edge of the table, tugging the towel through to the left as you do so... 

    *Assess the following:*

    - Is the whole back of your leg touching the table?

    - Were you able to pull the towel out? Either entirely or a little?

    Repeat test on the other side, and evaluate your findings using the table below!

    Assessment #2


    ~ Assume position as in Assessment #1; pull knees up to chest.

    ~ Before you lower one side down, actively engage your core; pull belly button towards spine / squeeze side ab muscles 'out'. 

    ~ Perform the same movement; lowering one leg at a time off the edge of the table.

    ~ Assess as before (leg distance from table & movement of towel) and evaluate below...

    ~ Remember to repeat right and left!

    Low Back Assessment


    ~ Come into a Childs Pose position (knees apart, toes touching, hips back , shoulder down / arms out)

    ~ Look at position / shape of low back and pelvis...

    - Do you see a nice uniform curve?

    - Or are your low back / hips in a straight line?

    ~ Evaulate below!

    Extra Findings


    *Look at the position of lowered leg*

    - Has it straightened at the knee?

    - Has it moved out to the side?

    - Has your foot orientation shifted / turned in?

    ~ Evaulate below!