5 Day Crossover Challenge: Day Five

Working on finishing off movements, and staying crossed when changing direction… Also explain here how to progress flexibility exercises, and a strength progression from the Adductor Side Plank 💪
Hope the last five days have been helpful, apologies if I rabble on too much sometimes 😅 just want to make sure those all important technique points are making sense / taking hold!
Keep up with it, and I PROMISE that crossover will get easier and easier… As always let me know if you have any questions!
Fran x

    *Remember to complete tension release work from Day One before you start if needed!* 

    Key Points!

    • Keep knees closed when moving back as well as forwards!
    • Think of hips as 'steering wheel'... Have to turn square to direction of movement to maintain crossover
    • Focus on putting feet DOWN crossed over every single time 🙅‍♀️
    • Finish off movements properly! Don't switch attention to moving front leg until back leg has been put down crossed over...
    • 'The end of one movement, is the start of the next!'