5 Day Crossing Challenge: Day Three

Working on getting BOTH legs crossed over, creating enough space to be able to move over fully, and using our core to keep our body in the correct position!

Progressing then with some strength exercises to both make it easier, and keep that crossover improving 😊

    *Remember to complete tension release work from Day One before you start if needed!* 

    Key Points!

    • Remember to think about crossing the BACK leg as well the front!
    • We need to create enough space at the top of our legs in order to crossover fully.
    • Our core should be working (in diagonal lines!) to keep our hips square and posture engaged.
    • Think of our legs creating an 'X'... Top og each line being our hip, bottom being our heel (NOT toe - or that may turn leg straight!)
    • 'Knee's in line with belly button, moving OVER not forward and back'