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Let's be real... Spare time isn't often easy to come by!

Whether it be school, work (or both!) families and households to look after, other life demands in general; finding time to fit everything it is you want to do can be tough.

VIP is a platform dedicated to providing you with what you need to fulfil your potential as an Irish Dancer, in a way that's easy to integrate into what you're already doing, while serving to give your body what it needs to continually progress.

Every week will bring new content, fresh motivation, and increasing insight into helping your body better respond to what you're asking of it, continue progressing, and perform at it's peak.

- Easily implementable routines to slot into your schedule & make your time as productive as possible.

- Can be done anywhere & without the need for gym access or expensive equipment

- Brought to you through expert knowledge & over a decade of experience!

Content Added Every Week

Helping You Bring Your Best Self To Class & Practice

Such As:

  • Mobility & Warm Ups
  • Technique Specific Flexibility & Strength
  • Skill Progression Training & Tutorials
  • Peak Performance Conditioning
  • Recovery & Injury Prevention Protocols

As Well As...

  • Member Voted Content
  • Recipes & Nutrition Guidance
  • Goal Setting & Strategy Sessions


  • Monthly Challenges
  • Masterclasses
  • Discount on Programmes & Products

Who Is VIP For? 


Who want to optimise their body, stay injury free, and gain brain body connection to make the impact in their dancing they're looking for.


Who would like to add short but productive warm ups, workouts & flexiblity routines into class time or prescribe sessions to dancers to implement at home!



Who would like to provide their dancers with a high level resource, learn how to help guide them in getting the most of training & practice time, and play a part in keeping them fit, healthy and on track towards their goals.

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In Case You're Wondering 'What's The Catch'...

Hey There Potential VIP Member!

If you're here then you probably already know a little bit about me, so I'll get right to it... 

Why did I create VIP? 

I wanted to give dancers completely affordable access to the insights and knoweldge I wish I had when I was competing!

From the little things you can integrate into warm ups and practice sessions to perform optimally, to the advanced flexibility and training methods that achieve rapid results.

To become the best dancer you can be you have to dance, BUT, you also need to be able to respond to what it is your teachers are asking of you.

Understanding how to connect brain to body, and how to utilise other forms of training to accelerate your progress in class; leads to you being able to deliver your absolute best.

It's not about adding in extra, it's about focusing the time you're already committing to be as productive as possible.

Optimising rest, taking care of your body to prevent injury, and being able to continually progress.

I'm here to help you overcome plateaus, and stay consistent on your path to achieving your goals! 


Coming Up!

There is already a variety of videos available in the platform that are guaranteed to improve your performance; mobility, speed & stamina work, cool down and active recovery routines, along with the new 5 Day Turnout Technique Challenge!

Every week the options will keep on growing... Here's a little sneak peek into some of the content coming up in the next few months!





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Pistol Squat

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peak performance



kick Progression

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