Train Your Brain For Success!


By the end of this session, you will understand how to prepare your brain for high pressure situations (such as a competition or big performance!) so that you can showcase the best version of yourself on stage.

I will teach you – in simple terms! – the neuroscience behind ‘mindset’ and how to use it to achieve the outcome you’re seeking. Knowing how your mind works is GAME CHANGING in every aspect; the principles learned can be applied not only to your mental state, but to improving technique, learning new skills, and mediating your mood on a daily basis.

This knowledge is the foundation of everything you need to achieve not only your goals as a dancer, but to accomplish ANYTHING you set out to in life.

Understanding what’s going on in the brain is also invaluable to parents & teachers in supporting dancers in the most effective way possible. Learn how to help them be in their right mind, and guide them through times of stress!


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