28 Day Splits


Splits Training Regime Including 2 Advanced Flexibility Routines (for different muscles groups) Tension Release Protocol & Recovery Flow.

Non-Members: £28
VIP Members: £21 


  • Neural Tension Release Protocol
  • 2-Part Progressive Flexibility Training
  • Recovery Flow
  • Follow Along Videos
  • Programme Printouts
  • 28 Day Structured Training Calendar
  • Weekly Planner Template

This programme is 100% GUARANTEED to improve your flexibility. If you don’t like it? You are entirely entitled to your money back. If you love it as much as I hope you will however, then lifetime access to the programme, plus all future updates, is yours for just 28! (£21 for VIP Members)

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What Makes This Programme So Powerful?

Neural Tension Release

Discover one of the biggest culprits for limiting your splits flexibility. Learn the areas to target, the techniques for maximum release, and how to develop a daily practice that will quite literally transform your ease of movement.

Not only will this component vastly increase your rate of progress, your dancing and other training will see massive benefit as well! Recovery will be faster, muscle soreness and stiffness eased, and risk of injury decreased.   

50% of your flexibility is down to your nervous system; release tension, release range.  

Progressive Flexibility Training

Split into two parts, this conditioning component of the programme focuses on actively increasing range of motion in all muscle groups required to achieve splits, and developing the strength necessary to control movement.

  • Switch on and engage Glutes to stabilise hips and facilitate deep release.
  • Lengthen Hamstrings and Hips Flexors through inhibitory and reflex techniques; strengthen them at the end of their entire range to utilise and retain newly gained improvements.
  • Open out the entire groin area and develop the flexibility in Adductors neccessary to enable maximum range of motion with hip rotation (turnout!)

Improve flexibility safely and effectively, without resulting in lax joints, injury or loss of control.

Recovery Flow

The nature of the programme is progressive, meaning the body will need time to repair and adapt. 

This routine gently takes you through a series of positions that will encourage recovery and prevent regression.

Focusing on breath throughout, this component of the programme works with both the muscles and the nervous system to ensure balanced is maintained and injury prevented.  

My 3 Step Formula To Results

It's important to understand that Flexibility Training and Stretching are not the same thing, and trying to 'lengthen' muscles is not what improves our range of motion!


If we want to develop and retain flexiblity, our nervous systems have to allow it. That means that we need to communicate the message to our brains, not our body.


Step One:  Release Neural Tension

If neural tension is present, no amount of stretching is going to result in improved flexibility!


Step Two:  Actively Release Range

Through a combination of advanced flexibility techniques, muscles are triggered to relax and lengthen.


Step Three:  Strengthen

In order to retain new found range of motion, our muscles must be activated and engaged throughout the whole length. Without this, our nervous system will sense instability and pull back range as a protective measure.

Common Questions

How Is This Programme Different To Others?

Hopefully by now you understand that there's a difference between stretching and actually training to develop flexibility... This programme combines several progression focused techniques (of which you've probably never even seen before) with the capacity to pinpoint the exact areas of your body restricting your movement. Not only that, but it is tried, tested, and proven to work!

Do I Need Any Equipment?

The programme requires minimal equipment. The tension release protocol utilises a foam roller and trigger point ball (e.g. a Lacrosse ball) and all you need for the 3 programmes is either a yoga mat or somewhere comfortable to lay! A sliding disc can be used in one exercise, but this can easily be substituted for a piece of paper, or indeed done without any tool at all.

Is There An Age Limit?

There is no age limit for effectivity, however implementation requires the ability to understand and follow along with guided video instruction. Overseeing implementation may be advisable for younger dancers, just to ensure accurate technique and coherence.

Is The Programme Right For Me?

If your goal is to improve your splits flexibility, then yes this programme is right for you. The exercises will also help you tune into your body, and improve mind muscle connection. If ever anything doesn't feel right, or you're unsure if you're doing it correctly, I am here to assist every step of the way!