28 Day Point


Perfect Your Point!

28 Day Progressive Point Programme For Dancers:

  • Arch building
  • Foot & Ankle Flexibility
  • Low Leg Strength

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As a dancer, a beautiful point is something that really sets you apart

It’s not just the lovely look that make it so important though! Strength in your point also massively impacts how high you’re able to dance on your toes… As well as the fact that if you don’t have a good arch strength and ankle flexibility? You’ll be much more susceptible to all sorts of injuries (that’s if you don’t suffer already!)

This Point Programme is mapped out with progressions for every single day to make sure you make as much progress as possible. It focus’s on:

  • Isolating and activating your foot muscles in order to build your arch
  • Developing the flexibility needed to achieve those lovely lines
  • Improving lower leg strength in order to be able to translate your point into your dancing and avoid injury.

This is something I get asked about ALL THE TIME… So I’ve gone above and beyond to make sure this challenge programme is truly effective.

Remember to let me know how you get on! I’d love to hear about your experience so I can continue to help in the best way possible ☺️

Fran x


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