21 Day Stamina


Prepare to Peak!

Specialised Lactate Tolerance & Speed Endurance Training for Irish Dancers.

  • Just 15 – 20 minutes ideally 2 – 3 times a week
  • Structured progressions
  • No equipment needed!

*FREE for VIP Members*

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As soon as you join the challenge, you will be granted access to a progressive conditioning programme specifically targeting the demands we as Irish Dancers have to deal with…

Effective training as an Irish Dancer IS NOT THE SAME as normal athletes! Our bodies have to be adept at very specific things in order to be able to deliver our best performance; maintaining technique as well outputting maximum strength, power & control for the duration.

Just 3 sessions a week, each around 15 minutes (that can be easily added in post practice or training) and your ability to showcase the best version of you from start to finish of your dance will be dramatically improved!

I’ll also guide you through how to best fit the training into your schedule, provide you with an Accountability Tracker, and take you through some other factors that impact stamina come competition day.

Anything else you need throughout, I’ll be available to help!

Fran x


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