21 Day Splits Challenge!


If you’re wondering, “do I need to be working towards my splits as an Irish Dancer?”

The answer is 100% YES!

First off, if you want to be able to get full range in things like turnout and extension, you need the flexibility to be able to do so…

Second, without a large useable range of motion; in order to improve your technique as a dancer, you’ll be compensating elsewhere. While in the short time you may not notice any problem with that; long term? Pain and injury is absolutely inevitable.

Especially for us Irish Dancers, flexibility is crucial… As much as I love this sport, the desired aesthetics aren’t easy on the body! It kinda makes our muscles work counter-intuitively a lot of the time, without much balancing out in direction of movement… To put it simply, if we can at least maintain suppleness – even in ranges we don’t think we need – not only will our ability to progress increase, but we’ll be able to keep dancing a lot longer ☺️

During this challenge I’ll be showing you how to figure out what muscles are most holding you back right now, and how to utilise advanced flexibility techniques to help you get those all important splits! (As well as explaining the different types of splits, and what they mean to our body!)

21 days of consistent action, and I promise the progress you see will be worth it ☺️

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