Flexibility Programmes


Sensory Fulfilment: BrainMap Your Body

Overcome limitations unconsciously put in place by your brain as a result of sensory information inaccuracy; remedy lack of flexibility due to growth spurts, speed up recovery after injury, and repair your nervous system from fatigue.


Neural Tension Release

Alleviate heaviness, pain and stiffness, as well as enhance recovery and flexibility, by targeting fascial tension points and soothing nerve endings.


Turnout and Crossing Flexibility

Open out and activate the muscles responsible for rotation and stability of the hips; enabling full, easy and pain free movement.


Kicks and Backlift Flexibility

Progressively increase range and control in the muscle groups required to achieve maximum extension both slowly and at speed.


High Toes and Point Flexibility

Develop the flexibility and strength needed in your feet and ankles, to improve your point, and gain the ability to dance on the tips of your toes.