Strength & Power Phase One

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Welcome to Phase One of your Strength & Power Conditioning Training!

The programme is structured in such a way that works on Force Absorption & Force Production individually (with a little crossover in between) in order to properly ensure optimum development in all areas.

Be sure to download and print out your programme reference sheet from the course materials section at the top of this page (or the last topic in the ‘Get Started’ section) and mark down your reps each time you train in order to keep track on progress.

Ideally make sure you’re well rested (especially for the Force Absorption work) as it is very demanding on your nervous system, and you want to be working at as close to top form as possible!

Listen to your body, focus on technique, and always move with intention…

Build the steady foundation this regime will provide, and you’ll feel stronger and more powerful in no time.

Gather everything you need to hand (as outlined in the first lesson) and get going!

Don’t forget to let me know you get on 🙂

Fran x