Sensory Fulfilment: BrainMap Your Body

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Cutting Out The Middle Man!

The survival part of our brain is there for the sole purpose of keeping us out of harms way.

It uses our sensory systems to gain information about our internal and external environments, in order to assess the level of our ‘safety’.

When the information our unconscious brain receives makes it feel safe and able to predict outcomes; full range of motion and strength is available for us to utilise.

If however information is lacking, protective mechaninisms in the form of pain, weakness, and tightness are switched on, to help prevent us putting ourselves at risk.

This means that some things while appearing to be mechanical, for example not having the flexibility to touch our toes; may actually be a limitation due to lack of sensory input.

The fix?

To determine where the deficit of information lies, and provide our brains with the right stimulus for instantaneous release!