3 Day Clarity & Strategy Challenge

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Setting goals and knowing what you need to work on is easy…

But gaining clarity around priorities, staying motivated, and actually creating a plan that you stick to?

Not no much!

There are so many things constantly causing us to shift focus or fall off track…

Not necessarily even intentionally – half the time we don’t even realise it’s happened 👀

This challenge is going to help you:

👉 Pinpoint the most important things to be working on at this moment in time

👉 Develop ways of keeping that spark of motivation alive so taking action is easy (good-bye procrastination!)

👉 Build a plan of action that enables you to feel GOOD about sticking to your main focus, see it through to the end, and feel content in the knowledge that you’re making optimal progress.

It doesn’t matter if you’re weeks out from competition day, or working towards something several months away…

You can make so much headway IF you have the right strategy to do so!

As always let me know if you need any guidance – you can always send me a message or pop into the Sunday Q&A and I’ll be happy to help as best I can 🤗

Fran x