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Specially Formulated Flexibility Protocol For Irish Dancers

Is improving your splits flexibility one of your goals?

Or really I should be asking… Can You Do The Splits?

Because, if the answer is no… Then improving them should be one of your goals, and as such, this programme was made for you!

If you’ve nearly got your splits, then, you’re doing ok – but – you’ve definitely still got room for improvement in your dancing.

But if you’re nowhere near your splits?

Then you are severely holding yourself back.

What most dancers don’t realise, is that splits flexibility is about more than just getting your kicks higher.

The limitations present, will affect everything.

Turnout, Crossing, Posture, Point; not to mention your ability to dance dynamically with ease and control.

Improving your splits flexibility however, isn’t always as easy as you may presume or hope is it…

(As many will attest)

See, the demands of Irish Dancing means that our tight and weak areas are different to those of other athletes and styles of dancers.

Not only that only that, but the fact that the muscles we need to lengthen, are the very ones that are dominant in what we do, can make developing big improvements in flexibility difficult; our biomechanics can often contradict the adaptations necessary to see progress.

Which is why I developed this programme.

Combining powerful flexibility training techniques (not ‘stretches’), full range strength work, and neural tension release methods, this system is guaranteed to get you past your plateaus. 

Complete with exercise demonstrations and explanations, follow along videos, a full training schedule and calendar, weekly planner, support system, and lifetime access to future updates, you will be provided with all the tools you could possibly need to achieve your splits.

And if you need any more convincing?

Purchasing this programme is completely risk free.

If you give it a go and don’t see improvement? I will be more than happy to both refund you and help you find the reason behind your tightness, because if this doesn’t fix it? I don’t believe you’ll find another programme that will!

It’s my goal to see you succeed, so get started today, take action, and I promise you – results will follow!


(If you’re not sure if this programme is for you, then don’t hesitate to reach out and ask a little more about it. I’m always happy to help!)