28 Day Point Challenge

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Having a beautiful point is hugely sought after as a dancer;

A high arch & lovely lines from your knee to the tip of your toe, is an attribute everyone wants to have!

But it’s not just the LOOK of your point that’s important…

The alignment of your feet and ankles tells a lot about your strength in that area, which has a massive impact on the whole rest of your body!

And when it comes to your dancing ability?

A strong point means:

  • Being able to dance high on your toes
  • Get more elevation in lifts and jumps
  • Improved Sharpness
  • Have more precision with your placement
  • Better whole body connection & control

(Along with of course the aforementioned desired leg lines!)

The mistake a lot of people make when trying to improve this attribute however, is they don’t pinpoint the right muscles; you need to be able to activate the proper muscles in your feet independent of your lower leg…

Along with release the right areas to elongate the ankle

And stabilise the surrounding muscle groups for maintenance, support & injury prevention

Which of course I’ll show you how to achieve ☺️

I’ve laid out for you a full 28 Day Progressive Programme; with every single day mapped out so you know EXACTLY what you need to do, to build your arch, develop the flexibility needed, and strengthen your point!


I challenge you!

Start with day one

Stay consistent

And see the benefits for yourself!!

Fran x