21 Day Stamina Challenge

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I’m EXCITED! This challenge is a little different to the ones I’ve done before…

Not only is it a full 3 weeks long, I’ve laid out a complete progressive programme that is READY AND WAITING to take your stamina to the next level!

There’s a couple of particular components we as Irish Dancers need to build, which aren’t targeted in the same way that we need them by standard training methods or workouts.

We use our bodies in a different way to regular athletes; need resilience in different areas.

You can’t just do things like sprints and expect your technique to stay strong while you dance; and you don’t want to be doing countless repetitions of your full dances where you’ll end up drilling in bad habits.

So what should you do?

Well… Good job for you I show you exactly how in this challenge!

Work hard, be consistent, and the results will shine through 😍💪✨

Anything you need let me know!

Fran x

Challenge Accountability Printout (Click to download!)

Stamina Challenge Tracker (US Letter Size)

Stamina Challenge Tracker (A4 Size)