10 Day Kick Challenge



Congratulations on taking the first step to discovering the process behind shifting your perspective and making momentous leaps in your performance…

Throughout this challenge, if you really take the time to understand what I say and consciously channel it into your movement, you can make a huge improvement in very little time.

Best of luck!



  • Photo or video yourself doing the kick you’re aiming to improve
  • Watch the video
  • Really make sure you’ve understood the teaching points
  • Read through the recap to really really really make sure you’ve understood the focus behind each step!
  • Be diligent, mindful and engage with your practice; quality is 100% more important than duration
  • Refer to the reference sheet to maintain clarity
  • ASK if you have any questions…
  • Stay accountable by showing me your progress at @performanceprojectdance!



(00:59) Make sure you’re going about the movement in the most efficient way, in order to be able to actually achieve what you’re asking of yourself. Don’t waste range of motion and power by letting your hip un-engage!


(02:10) Help your brain help you! Allow your nervous system to fully release range of motion; mobilise and strengthen; create clear instructions to help you utilize your full physical capability.


(07:58) Create the habit. Experiment with cues and various ‘instructions’ to help you easily carry over the new movement pattern in to your dancing.


(09:24) Automate your cues and become consciously aware of what moving in the improved manner feels like. Work with your body to make it a natural way of moving, so that once you’ve made an improvement; you keep it!