5 Day Posture Challenge

Posture is fundamental to us Irish Dancers; dedicate just 15…

Posture HIIT

Quick Mobility & Strength session for Carriage & Core!

Posture: Full Follow Along Session

Activation, strength & flexibility work, along with integration into full…

Posture Improving Warm Up!

Add these exercises into your warm up regime to open…

Posture: Ease Out (stretch)

Recovery promoting stretch!

Posture: Strength

Carriage & Core

Posture: Increase Range

Progressive Mobility & Flexibility

Posture Progression: Tension Release

Foam Roller & Ball Release Areas

Full Body / Posture Strength Session

Building postural and functional strength; resistance band ideally needed! Repeat…

Prone Posture Strength

Improve posture with a focus on alignment, along with Glute…