28 Day Point Challenge

Build your arch, improve foot and ankle flexibility, and develop…

Point HIIT

Build strength in feet and develop a beautiful point with…

Placement Warm Up

Mobility & Activation for Turnout, Crossing & Point 🙅‍♀️ Prime…

High Toes & Point: Full Follow Along Session

Quite a long one… But once you know the exercises…

Point & Toe Height Strength HIIT

Quick little circuit you can do to improve foot strength…

High Toes: Tension Release

Areas to release for high toe range and strength! (Arches…

High Toes: Activation

Switching on Feet, Ankles & Glutes!

High Toes: Increase Range

Flexibility and Active Range for getting up on toes.

High Toes: Strength

Building ability to get up, stay up, and move on…

High Toes: Ease Out (Stretch)

Passive stretch for feet & low legs.

Point: Ease Out (Stretch)

Recovery stretch for arches & ankles.

Point: Strength

Arch development work and strength in point.