The 10 Day Kick Challenge

Do You Want To…

See a significant improvement in your kicks after just 10 days?

Learn how to switch on and use mind muscle connection to get them sharp and powerful?

How about become stronger and more flexible to execute them with great technique and height?

If your answer is YES to any of the above, this challenge is for you!

How Does It Work?

  1. Register your info and enroll in the challenge
  2. Work through a brand new lesson each day (max 20 mins!)

It’s as easy as that!

Now if you’re thinking it’s just going to be a bunch of stretches you’ve probably seen before;

Let me assure you of the contrary

Will we work on our bodies ability to respond to demand?

Yes, of course

I will show you powerful progressive flexibility exercises you can carry on with even after the challenge has finished, to increase your range of motion and increase power output

BUT I will also teach you

How to better translate the message between body and brain, and get more in tune with how to get your legs to comply with what you’re asking of them!

As well as

A couple of ways to unlock flexibility and strength that don’t even involve stretching at all 😉

I get so excited before a kick challenge, because I’ve seen first hand the massive impact it can have…

There’s a reason you guys keep asking for it!

So go ahead and register your details…

I’ll see you on Monday for your first lesson!