Welcome to Phase Three of your Strength & Power Conditioning Training! Now is the time to really increase that athletic ability… *Warning* Some of these exercises are very advanced! So if you feel unsteady, or not ready… Then make sure you’re not doing yourself a disservice by executing exercises without the proper form! You’ll get
Welcome to Phase Two of your Strength & Power Conditioning Training! You should already be familiar with the structure of the programme; now time to build on the foundation we’ve laid down… Progressing into more demanding strength & plyometric training, be sure to keep your mind on technique as always; focusing on quality of repetitions
Welcome to Phase One of your Strength & Power Conditioning Training! The programme is structured in such a way that works on Force Absorption & Force Production individually (with a little crossover in between) in order to properly ensure optimum development in all areas. Be sure to download and print out your programme reference sheet
Welcome to Speed and Sharpness Phase One! This programme when done consistently, is designed to increase the speed with which you can contract your muscles and move your feet… That means being able to cover bigger ranges of motion in the same time (so higher kicks, more dynamic jumps, and being able to whip up