Optimising Performance Potential

Sports Massage

Full Leg Coverage  |  Recovery & Rejevenation

RESTORE | 20 mins

Performance Prep (12 - 48hr before)

Enhanced Recovery & Muscular Function

  • Replenish Oxygen & Nutrients
  • Flush Out Waste Products
  • Release Tension & Tightness
  • Decrease Pain
  • Stimulate Repair


REVIVE | 10 mins

Pre-Performance (Before / Between Rounds)

Prime Your Body for Optimal Performance!

  • Generate Heat & Increase Blood Flow
  • Activate Neuro-Muscular Function
  • Oxygenate & Hydrate Soft Tissue
  • Improve Flexibility & Decrease Pain
  • Maximise Muscle Efficiency


REPAIR | 30 mins


Treatment of Pain, Tightness & Injury

  • Release Tension & Tightness
  • Break Down Adhesions
  • Realign Fascia
  • Regain Range Of Motion
  • Trigger Healing Response


Soft Tissue Therapy

Targeted Treatments For Injury, Pain & Tightness

15 Minutes   .....................................   £15

(Pinpointed treatment area e.g. Feet / Glutes)

30 Minutes   .....................................   £30

(Single treatment area e.g Low Legs | Upper Legs | Hips | Shoulders | Back)

45 Minutes .....................................   £40

(Two treatment areas)

60 Minutes .....................................   £50

(Full upper or lower body treatment)


Assessment, Treatment & Follow Up Work

  • Pinpoint Problem Areas & Cause Of Tightness
  • Soft Tissue & Fascia Release
  • Progressive Stretch & Sensory Fulfillment



Why Should I Get A Massage?

I've never met someone who doesn't have anything to be gained from a treatment... Irish Dancing is TOUGH on the body! Keeping imbalances in check will keep you injury, pain & limitation free, as well as enhance flexibility, strength & performance. 

A recovery session the day before you dance will work wonders on how your legs feel when you wake up;  rejuvenating strokes, tension release & neuro-muscular stimulation will fire up your muscles to perform optimally; and deeper treatments after you've danced focus on fixing underlying issues that lead to injury in the long run.

I've Not Had One Before... Will It Mess With My Competition Routine?

I am the first person to advocate 'stick to your routine come competition day', HOWEVER! I promise you, coming for a treatment will only help you perform better.

Treatments can be done without disturbance to tan, will help your body respond better to what you're asking of it, and will enable your muscles to function at a higher level.

I'm Not Injured, Do I Still Need One??

Therapy is as much to do with preventing injuries as well as treating them! ALL injuries begin as simple dysfunctions in the body; it's when they are left untreated that they escalate into larger problems.

Any feelings of pain, tightness or weakness are signs of something 'not right'... Get it looked at now before it becomes something more troublesome!

Will It Hurt?

It may do... But a treatment will never surpass your comfort level.

Recovery and rejuvenation sessions are about making you feel GOOD;  boosting your body not causing it trauma, so there's rarely any discomfort at all.

Repair treatments often involve trigger point therapy, friction work and soft tissue release which involves going deeper; but it's counter-productive to healing to cause intense pain! I will always communicate with you throughout to make sure sensations stay at the right level.

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