Your capacity for bettering technique, depends on your body’s ability to actually respond to what it is you’re asking of it. Using specific exercises for range of motion and strength, results in physical adaptations that make it easier for you implement changes in how you move, and speed up the process of improving! By implementing
Stretching is something that most dancers and teachers know they should be consistent with, but a lot of the time don’t really prioritise.  I get it. You finish class, you’re tired, all you want to do is get home, eat, and get to bed. Then other points throughout the day when you could be doing a
If there was just one factor to fulfilling your potential I could really urge people to take on board; it’d be the true nature of how to make sure you are giving yourself the best chance possible of succeeding… See, the process behind becoming the absolute best at something you can possibly be, is not as straightforward as it may