Multi-Dimensional System For Success

The fundamental principles of technique through which great dancers are built; both aesthetically and athletically.

From class to competition; building up to your best performance and being able to deliver it on stage is key to achieving the recognition you deserve.

Propel your prowess by mastering increasingly difficult moves whilst maintaining form; perfect the fundamentals and the rest is icing on the cake!


There’s more to success than simply working hard. Granted, you'll get nowhere fast without effort and commitment,  but it's where you place that focus that creates the result.

If you come to understand every element of your performance, have complete clarity around the steps required to progress; and pursue the course of action most relevant to you; not only will you be able to truly fulfil your potentialyou will expand it.


Behind every outcome, there is a process. Be it a dancing based achievement, an academic accolade, a self-improvement endeavour; the same formula can be applied.

Once this is grasped, an incredible mindset shift takes place. High aspirations can be had with no fear of failure; goals which once may have seemed unrealistic become attainable; any passion can be pursued with confidence.

With just a little understanding comes a monumental impact; the ability to navigate with intention not only your dancing journey, but the path you take in life.


The Development Matrix is a complete blueprint of the skills and techniques required in Irish Dance; enabling you to pin point where you are, and map out the route to where you want to be. 

Through integrating and mastering the necessary components that contribute to success, you will learn how to approach your goals and tailor your strategy, to optimise and accelerate your improvement.

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