3 Weeks Of Training5 Programmes To Choose From, Lifetime Access To All!

As Well As: Posture, Point, and Recovery Work, Full Exercise Library, Comprehensive Downloadable Resources for Ease and Flexibility of Implementation


(Package only available to purchase while live component is active)

Join Me + Join In!

Let Me Show You How To Make Massive Impact With Minimal Commitment and Stress!

You'll Be Getting Integrative Training Regimes For:

  • Turnout
  • Kicks
  • Sharpness
  • Power
  • Stamina


Easy to implement protocols for Posture, Points, and Recovery

Training as an Irish Dancer is HARD. There is just so much to think about, and so many things you want to try and work on at the same time... I know from experience how overwhelming and frustrating that can be. Classes alone are demanding enough, let alone on top of school, work, and life in general!

That's why I'm offering this ONE TIME OPPORTUNITY to learn how you can integrate several things, without feeling overworked and stressed out. All whilst still getting the results you want. 

 Over the 21 Days, I will be showing you the exact methods I've used to train dancers all over the world. From those just starting out, to World Champions and Professionals. Through learning the most productive ways of training as Irish Dancers, implementing short segments that be implemented as full training sessions, or easily integrated into a class, practice, or downtime.

You don't always have to find 'extra time'; you just have to know how to use the time you're already dedicating to greatest effect! No matter your schedule, there is a way.

What's more; my methods utilise proven conditioning principles, in a way that directly impacts and benefits your technique and performance.

'21 Day Accelerate' Has Been Designed To Give You Complete Flexibility

- Pick an individual focus

- Grab access now while the offer is available and save for when the time is right

- Or make the commitment to have an incredibly productive 3 weeks with me, and follow along with the full intensive!

Live Classes (pending)

Join me for live training throughout the week, or watch the playback and complete in your own time!

Follow Along Sessions

Each programme will have their own follow along videos, made available for you to complete at the right time.

Remember that each component will be delivered as a bitesized piece, so if you don't feel you need or are able to do absolutely everything, you can pick and choose the most relevant for you!

Exercise Library and Workout Recaps

Rather implement not following along to a video? Each programme will have additional exercises demonstrations, as well as written workout recaps; so you can learn what's what, do the work, and refer back for a refresh if needed!

Downloadable Resources

Throughout the 21 days I want you to completely understand what it is we'll be doing, get the absolute most out of it, as well as have what you then need to keep going afterwards. From planning your schedule, tracking your progress, and having programme printouts; I got you covered :)

Training Tailored To You

When it comes to the types of training we'll be doing, and what makes them so effective, here's an overview


20-30 mins, 4 sessions a week

Implemented pre/post training, after class/ practice, or any spare slot  of time you have during the day!

How much you are able to improve your technique, depends on the range of motion in which your body is actually able to move, along with how strong you are within it.

The flexibility work we will be implementing (with a focus on turnout and kicks) is a powerful combination of techniques that target both muscular and nervous systems to allow for rapid release. Along with the addition of end range strength practice, every improvement in flexibility will be reflected in your dancing!

Tried, tested, and proven by many; my unique formulation delivers.

2.    Speed and Agility

10-15 mins, 4 sessions a week

Can be done as part of a training session, as a stand alone workout, or adapted for a powerful warm up


Sharpness and the ability to zip around the floor with ease, relies on how fast you can move. Through simple exercises and drills, you can make huge progress really quickly, as a lot of it in is training your nervous system not your muscles.

I've created a way of achieving this, whilst also correlating directly with improving technique and movement patterning while you dance.

For a very small commitment of time, you can get a very big reward!


20 mins, 4 sessions a week



Developing power and being able to use it in your dancing, means you have train your ability to produce force, but also to absorb it. Without being strong enough to cope with impact channel and the exertion going through the rest of your body, you won't see the results you're hoping for.

PLUS neglecting this element is a big reason behind a lot of injuries!

4.    Stamina

I don't believe any other discipline experiences quite the amount of BURN that us Irish Dancers do come the end of a jig! In order to increase the duration you can maintain maximum effort, the training you do has to reflect that.

With short sessions, that can be integrated easily into class or practice time, you greatly increase your ability to tolerate that sensation, and keep your legs moving with as much strength and speed in the last step as they do the first!

5.    Recovery and injury prevention

10 - 20 minutes

Various sequences of exercises implementable any time!


Training hard is all very well,  but you have to look after your body to avoid setbacks. 

Through posture and point work, mobility and tension release, and recovery stretches; as well as pushing you hard, I will also be teaching you how to help your body repair and prevent injury.

Ready To Claim Your Access To This One Time Intensive?

This all-inclusive package is something I genuinely won't be offering again, as I am utilising a chunk of time I have (and training myself!) before I head back on tour with Lord of the Dance. I'm SO GRATEFUL to have the opportunity to deliver this much value for a fraction of it's accumalative cost.

The worth of everything you'll be gaining access to, from the programmes and resources themselves, plus the actual time I'll be spending in person teaching and delivering, is over $2500. 

It Can All Be Yours Today for just $97

We are going to do A LOT in a short amount of time, but it'll be SO WORTH IT! I can't wait :)

And just remember, the goal is for you to ACCELERATE! Not be overwhelmed... The more you can implement the better; but if you have plenty on your plate already, you can take it step by step and simply start with what's most important for you right now...

The rest will be there when you're ready!

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Questions You May Want Answering...

How Much Time Will I Need To Commit?

The point of the 21 Days is to really propel you forwards in a short amount of time; you can achieve SO MUCH if you focus your efforts the right way. That's why I've condensed things down into short sessions, that can be completed anywhere and even integrated into class or practice time. However, you are free to do as much or as little as you feel is right for you; even just half an hour a few times a week can yield great results!

Are There Group Rates?

Yes! For information on referral / reward schemes, group rates, and discount privileges, be sure to get in touch.

All of the work I do is BEST when it becomes one with your practice and classes; my goal is to work with dancers and  teachers, to help make simple tweaks that can really have a ton of impact.

Do I Need Any Special Equipment Or Apparatus?

Most of what we do will be using bands or bodyweight, no weights are necessary (though can optionally be incorporated). Some exercises will need a step of some sort such as a chair, bench, or high step; but this can be worked around if needed. A ball such as a Lacrosse ball, and/ or a foam roller will also be useful for some of the recovery work.

I'm Not Comfortable On Camera, Can I still Attend?

During the classes I will be checking in on technique to make sure everyone is getting out of the exercises what they should be, but if you prefer not to be on video that's perfectly ok. If you're unsure of anything or not sure certain you're doing something correctly, you can always ask me separately!

Will It Contradict Anything I'm Currently Doing?

YES! Truth is, as much as I'd love as many dancers getting involved and supporting eachother throughout the intial 21 days as possible; there's nothing stopping you from purchasing while it's available, and putting it to use when the time is right. (It is a one-time deal, and crazy good value) So if you're unable to get going just yet, don't let that stop you taking advantage of the offer now!

I'm Training For A Competition, Is The Programme Still Right For Me?

This programme is PERFECT for you. Throughout the intensive we will be working on progression in all key areas, so by the end of the 3 weeks you'll be fitter, stronger, more flexible, and your dancing will reflect that!

It Sounds Too Good To Be True... What's The Catch?!

I can assure you, there is no catch. I'm utilising this opportunity to deliver as much value as I can, because I want to help. It's a one off payment, no subscription fees, and no obligation to do anything other than put the training to good use :)


'21 Day Accelerate Virtual Training Intensive'

I want access to Training and Programmes for:

  • Turnout and Kicks
  • Speed and Sharpness
  • Strength and Stamina
  • Posture, Point, and Recovery Protocols

As Well As:

  • Over 24 Hours Of Training Time
  • Access To All Recordings
  • Additional Exercise Demonstrations and Tutorials
  • Weekly Planner, Tracking Templates, and Programme Reference Sheets
  • Lifetime Access For Future Implementation!


3 Months FREE ACCESS to the new Performance Project VIP Platform for every participant... Launching December! (Worth $29.97)

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Who Am I?



If you don't know me... My name is Frances Dunne, and I am a professional dancer, trainer and coach.


I'm currently a Lead dancer in Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance, and in my competitive career I won many majors (including the North American Nationals 3 times) rose to top 3 in the world for solo's, and hold over 25 world gold medals for team dancing! 


For over 10 years now, I've also worked in Strength and Conditioning, Mindset Coaching, and am an all round Expert in Irish Dance Development. I've worked with hundreds of dancers to break through their barriers, and harness their full potential as athletes and performers. 


Drawing from a lifetime of experience and cultivating knoweldge, I've made it my mission to formulate effective and efficient systems; combining the most powerful training methods and my own tried and tested techniques; to help dancers continually progress. 


It's always been my passion to guide dancers towards achieving their goals, and I promise to do everything in my power to help you reach yours.

Still not sure? Anything you'd like more information on please don't hesitate to reach out and ask!

You can contact me anytime at