Is Success Simple?

If there was just one factor to fulfilling your potential I could really urge people to take on board; it’d be the true nature of how to make sure you are giving yourself the best chance possible of succeeding…

See, the process behind becoming the absolute best at something you can possibly be, is not as straightforward as it may seem.

Having the desire to achieve a goal is amazing; but understanding precisely how to accomplish it?

Well, that’s another matter entirely!

There are always so many things to work out…

Problems to solve; solutions to discover

Reasons to work out as to why you struggle with X, or can’t do Y, or why you just can’t seem to do ‘that thing’ that others seem to find so simple…

But the thing is,

That one answer you’re trying to find?

The one that’s going to solve your problem?

It doesn’t actually, really, exist at all!

What most people don’t fully acknowledge (or know in the first place); and what is probably the reason behind lack of (or slow) improvement,

Is that there is more than one element playing a part in your progression…

Creating change is multi-dimensional!

It’s an intertwining and ever evolving process that encompasses every impacting factor and takes into account the interactions they have with each other;

It is not a linear, single perspective, process…

So unless you consider every aspect?

Not only will it take you much longer to achieve your goal, but you’ll never realise your full potential at all;

Potential which you may not even believe you possess.


In order to become the absolute best dancer possible for you, what bases do you need to make sure you cover?

#1: The way you are using your body and initiating movement from a technical aspect

#2: The extent to which your body is physically able to follow through on demands

#3: How in sync and connected you are with what’s going on in your mental space

And not forgetting to bear in mind, that they are all connected

You cannot hope to be truly proficient in one element, without being sufficiently adept in another!

If you need to improve your turnout for example:

Regardless of how mobile your hips and strong your external rotators are, if you can’t make the connection between brain and body?

It’s not going to happen…

It doesn’t matter if you know exactly how you should be engaging your body, if you don’t have the mobility or strength to allow that to happen?

You won’t be able to physically do it…

If you have great body control and are physically capable of the desired movement, but you give your body the wrong instruction?

You won’t get the desired outcome!

So you see,

By not utilising scope for improvement from every angle, you will be massively limiting your progress. If you want to be truly performing at your full capacity? You must take into account all of the elements;




The truth is, you don’t improve as quickly as you could, not simply because you don’t have the right answers; but because you’re not asking the right questions…

Once you change that however;

You’ll be unstoppable!

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