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The Performance Project is a platform dedicated to the success and well-being of dancers.

Our core aim is to play an integral role in equipping dancers with the skills and attributes essential to reaching excellence not only in their discipline, but every future endeavour. 

Through education around best practices for complete performance development; as well as instilling positive attitudes, values and beliefs; we hope to help align dancers with their full potential, and guide them towards pursuing their dreams with confidence and clarity.

Making Excellence Accessible

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In person intensives to accelerate your progression.

Essential tools for every Irish Dancer. 

Frances Dunne

Founder of The Performance Project

" My motivation stems from knowing first hand the impact of the knowledge I endeavour to impart. Combined with the gift of hindsight; knowing what a difference it would have made to my mindset, potential and ability to succeed in the past; the resonation among those I've worked with has made it my mission to help as many people as possible reach true understanding of the 'how' behind achieving their goals. Seeing the light bulb moments, the pride that comes with rewarded perseverance, and the joy sparked from accomplishment where there was initially doubt; brings me so much gratitude for being able to call what I do 'work'. "

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